Blue Goose Energy Corp.

"Blue Goose Energy Corp is an innovation company developing new technology that converts biomass into synthetic diesel fuel and other high-value products. Abonar provided valuable contribution that helped us attract investment with a strong business plan, company valuation, investor presentations and government applications for funding. Their experience and skills were a perfect fit for us."


Dr. Floyd Trotter


Blue Goose Energy Corp.

On Purpose Leadership Inc.

"At On Purpose Leadership Inc. we pride ourselves in our ability to help clients get and stay on purpose. Our company has two primary areas of focus 1) Training and Organizational Development; 2) Events, Meetings and Conference Planning. We rely heavily on strategic intent, strong goals, and solid processes to set our clients on the path of success. Strong partnerships such as what we have with Abonar is therefore crucial for us.


We are proud to have Abonar Business Consultants as our strategic partner in producing business plans for our clients and events. They bring a much needed level of objectivity and business know how to each project. Specifically in relation to building the Business Plan for the Saskatoon Fireworks Festival for instance, they had a clear path to success, used a great methodology, were diligent in following a solid process, kept us updated at all times, and used proven models and benchmarks as a foundation. The end result was a tremendous plan that served us, our clients and the events success immensely."


Nowshad (Shad) Ali

President & CEO

On Purpose Leadership Inc.

Raum Energy Logo

“Raum Energy is a new force in the Canadian wind industry.  We specialize in small wind turbines, grid tie inverters, wind measurement and economic studies of wind energy."


"Abonar helped us by providing customized valuations of our products to our customers.  This in turn helped our customers determine the financial impact of purchasing our products.  This second opinion helps to assure our customers of the business case for choosing us.”


Darryl Jessie


Raum Energy Inc.


“At SHEC LABS we specialize in the development of advanced renewable energy technologies to produce hydrogen and bio-fuels from renewable energy sources while dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions."


"By outsourcing our Business Plan development requirements to Abonar, not only were we able to complete our business plan more quickly and with less cost, but a more thorough job was performed including independent supporting research that showed how SHEC could maximize its bottom line.”


J. Thomas Beck

President & C.E.O.


AdeTherapeutics Inc.

"AdeTherapeutics, Inc. focuses on the research & development of novel therapeutics & medical devices for large unmet medical need areas"


"Nav Khinda's strategic and market assessment of our medical device in development helped us determine the overall commercial feasibility of this project.  His supporting research showed us how we could take our product from pre-clinical stages through to commercialization."


Sanj Singh


AdeTherapeutics Inc.

Delorme Seeds

“Delorme Seeds Ltd. processes various grains for various brokers, traders and grain producers.  Our services include cleaning, storage and packaging for the expanding organic grains market.” 


"Nav and Sean built a complete business plan for a proposed expansion of our operations.  This plan gave a comprehensive blueprint for the operations, human resource, marketing and financial aspects of the business.  The plan also laid out the keys to success and the effect of different scenarios on the viability of the business.”


Gerald Delorme


Delorme Seeds Ltd.