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Step 3. What Path Do I Need To Follow?


Dick is unable to figure out where to get started with a business plan. He does an internet search and he finds the following template:


Abonar's Business Planning Template


Because Dick has already done a lot of work during the idea screening part of the process, filling in the information into the business plan is pretty easy. He just has to nail down some of the day to day operational details. He will then have a document that he and his partners can follow as they build the business. From his research, Dick understands that a business plan is constantly changing to reflect changing conditions and therefore he updates it at regular intervals.


Dick and his coworkers are now ready to take the plunge. They quit their jobs and begin putting their plan into place.


Dick and his partners are now involved in the smallest details of starting a business. He speaks to a friend who has recently gone through the process who gives him the following advice.


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