At Abonar we believe in delivering outstanding value to our clients. We also believe that our clients enter into partnerships with us as we work together. Finally, we know that clients get value from the results of the work, not the work itself. Here’s how we price our services.


  • Client Meeting – Our first meeting with a client is free of charge. Here we determine the objective of the work and the value of the results. This could be in the form of decreased costs, increased revenue or any other measure that the client deems important.
  • Quote for Services – Based on the value of the results, we determine the contribution to the value from the client as well as ourselves. We offer clients a choice of a number of options to get their results.
  • Agreement – Once we agree on the option and the price, the price quoted is the price charged. We only charge extra for travel and accommodation expenses (if necessary).
  • Work – Once the agreement is signed, we work with our clients to get the results. There is no per hour billing so our clients can contact us without the worry that they are amassing extra charges.


Our value to the customer is as follows:


  • The price charged is based on the value of the work.
  • Our clients benefit from a firm price that is free of overruns.
  • The client is encouraged to contact us to ensure the value of the work is being delivered. The client is not charged for contact with us. We believe that this is the best way for us to deliver value to our clients. We’d love to discuss how we can work with you to deliver the value you’re looking for. Here’s how to contact us.