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Finding Your Ideal Client

Are you sick and tired of dealing with disrespectful clients? Wouldn’t it be nice to have customers who value what you offer, pay on time, and do their part in the client/seller relationship? Well, according to John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing, “when you properly target your clients, you will discover that you no longer have to work with jerks.” This might sound unrealistic but I think its something that can be accomplished if done right. Here are some tips from Duct Tape Marketing, on finding your ideal client.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to create a picture of your ideal prospect. If you don’t know whom you’re selling to, you decrease your chance of attracting your ideal client. A good way to start is to take a close look at the type of customers you’ve dealt with in the past. What are their similarities? What are their differences? Create a database of these customers and jot down detailed characteristics of each individual or company. You might notice that a group of your customers have a lot in common.
  2. Understand how your customers make their buying decisions. This might be difficult to do, but if you’re able to learn a little bit more about buying habits, you’ll be able to better target your clients.
  3. Try to find the most effective ways of communicating with your ideal prospects. What promotion methods have you used in the past? Did you reach them through radio ads, billboards, personal networking, etc? What worked? What didn’t? This information will help you uncover effective ways to reach your ideal client.
  4. Get people to know you, like you and trust your business. Customers prefer to buy things they know, like and trust. That’s the power of branding. Try to build relationships with your customers and earn their trust with your products and services. Differentiate yourself from others by carrying your personality and values out through your employees. Be consistent and pay attention to what your customers want. If they know that you care, they will like and trust you better.

These techniques should help you get started in finding your ideal client and target market. At the end of the day, if you’re not able to reach your customers, you have no business. It’s time you started to get to know them better. Good luck in your search.

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