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Project Management Tip of the day!

Whether you’re planning a wedding, building a new house, or managing a work project your first step should be to draw out a plan. Outline your vision and clearly state your goals and objectives. Otherwise you’ll likely be unorganized and position yourself to make last minute decisions with little thought and lots of stress.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of planning but project failures can often be traced back to deficiencies in planning. Your work plan should provide step-by-step instructions for project deliverables and corresponding timelines, responsibilities and resources needed for completion. What are the risks and how will you manage them?  What are your expected costs, who is part of the project team, when will you start? Your plan should answer all these questions and more. It seems like common sense, but planning often doesn’t get adequate attention. Remember, details are important. So don’t rush into something, plan!

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